Aluminum production process

Aluminum plate play an important role in our daily life.

Melting: The main raw material is AL99.70 and above aluminum ingot (GB/T1196), adding aluminum-silicon alloy ingot and magnesium ingot to heat and melt, the melting temperature is 730~750, stirring, refining, slag breaking and other processes.

Casting: Using the same level close-packed top casting process, using different crystallizers to produce aluminum rods with different diameters.

Homogenization of the ingot: rapid cooling at 575°C for 6 hours.

Extrusion: The aluminum rod is heated to about 450°C, using the specified mold, extruding the profiles of various specifications with the extruder, and rapidly cooling by air or water, straightening, sawing, and framing.

Aging: heat preservation at 190°C~195°C for about 3.5 hours, and then use forced air cooling.

Aluminum has a wide range of uses and has gradually become an indispensable material in industrial life.

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